Death by Discography podcast – episode 22

Episode 22 of the Death by Discography podcast!

What a week. We make the same bad joke about The Grateful Dead, which pretty much sets the tone. Ned disagrees with Bruce Springsteen for maybe the first time ever, while Christie describes Leonard Cohen (accurately) as ‘just a man in a room’.

ALSO, we discover the meaning of ‘Lief’, talk about stealing sounds, and ALMOST accuse Vampire Weekend of plagiarism. It’s that kind of episode.

Albums this week

For a complete list of the songs we mention on the podcast, check out our Spotify playlist.

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One thought on “Death by Discography podcast – episode 22

  1. I think it’s wrong to state that the 60s were a disappointing decade, since the list is only about albums, which means that f.i. Motown, the Bacharach-David songbook, various soundtracks and lots of great songs by bands/artists who weren’t typical album acts, are overlooked.
    I’ll guarantee you that, when you reach the end of the 70s, you’ll also find that most of the featured albums were disappointing. IMO, in every decade there are only a few albums that work as a whole.


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