Basket of Light – Pentangle (1969)

Album no. 148/1001

It’s our scottish mate Bert Jansch back with a new outfit, making sweet folky tunes for sweet folky folk.

Except wait, this new outfit includes a lady with a high voice and someone playing xylophone and OH NO WHAT’S HAPPENED HERE, BERT!

Sometimes called Pentangle, sometimes called THE Pentangle, these guys had a pretty significant impact (for better or worse) on the British folk scene. Hilariously, when they first toured overseas in Denmark they were billed as a rock and roll band. How confused and disappointed the people in the audience must have been.

Have you listened to this album before?

CL: No I haven’t, but can I just say it’s been 18 weeks since we last heard from Bert Jansch? How exciting.

NK: I definitely haven’t.

Standout track

CL: There is waaaaaaaay too much of a resemblance to Joan Baez’s warbling here. Bert Jansch, what happened to you!

NK: Do you know what? I didn’t like this much. Acoustic guitars, xylophones, random melodies, occasional sitar, and lots of being-in-a-forest type songs. Not what I’m all about. The least bad track is ‘Sally Go Round The Roses’, which I still didn’t like.

When would be the best time to listen to this?

CL: From the cover of the album – it sort of looked like it would be this weird satanic chanting or something. Don’t be fooled and use this at your next satanic ritual because you’ll be sorely disappointed.

NK: I don’t recommend it. Maybe if you’re lost in a forest, and I mean genuinely lost and going to be eaten by wolves, play this because if the wolves hear it there’s no way they’ll be coming near you.

Why has this album been included on the list?

CL: This was their biggest commercial success, mainly because one of the songs ‘Light Flight’ went on to become the theme song for a British TV show called Take Three Girls. Fun fact: that was the first BBC1 drama series shown in colour!

NK: This takes me back to our old mates Donovan, Love, The Beau Brummels, all my favourites. Guess what, I HAVE NOT MISSED THEM.

Will you be listening again?  

CL: Nope. The folky guitar playing from Bert’s album earlier on this list is totally missing from this and has been replaced by a high, falsetto screeching.

NK: No way.


CL: This is possibly one of the worst things I’ve ever heard. I’m removing it from my iTunes without delay. It was offensive to my eardrums.

NK: This is possibly one of the worst things I’ve ever heard. I’m removing it from my iTunes without delay. It was offensive to my eardrums.

Listen to Basket of Light on Spotify or buy it in iTunes.

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