Death by Discography podcast – episode 16

Episode 16 of the Death by Discography podcast.

We’ve got the big questions this week: who remembers Leader Cheetah? How many times have you listened to ‘Everybody Knows This is Nowhere? Can you talk about cowgirl NOT IN A SEX WAY?

There’s also an excessive aside about The Prodigy and the 2009 (we think) Big Day Out, Ned tries to crowbar Booker T and the MGs into the conversation (again), and Christie hates rolling on a river.

The best part of the podcast this week: Christie refers to one of the bands (correctly) as THE SAME OLD GUMPH. You have to listen to find out who, that’s how this works.

Albums this week

For a complete list of the songs we mention on the podcast (except the Captain Beefheart ones), check out our Spotify playlist.

Give us a listen

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