Crosby, Stills and Nash – Crosby, Stills and Nash (1968)

Album no. 139/1001

Crosby, Stills and Nash are the supergroup combining the folk-rock powers of The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and The Hollies, so if harmonies and acoustic guitar are your bag – strap yourself in.

They decided to call the band after their own names to ensure the band could never continue under the same name without EVERYONE being involved. Smart legal move, considering they broke up and reformed A LOT throughout the next decade.

Have you listened to this album before?


NK: No.

Standout track

CL: Erm. Give me a minute to try and remember what I’ve listened to – it was SO bland, I’ve forgotten what it sounded like.

NK: This could have been called ‘The Byrds 2: Byrd Harder’.

CL: They certainly touted themselves as a ‘folk-rock supergroup’. The only thing I sort of liked was at the end of ‘Suite: Judy Blue Eyes’ when they do a bunch of ‘doo-doo’s. And THAT’s only because I’d seen this excellent video where Crosby, Stills and the veritable Nash join Jimmy Fallon for a little sing-song, and they cram that little ‘doo-doo’s bit in at the end.

NK: ‘Suite: Judy Blue Eyes’ and ‘Marrakesh Express’ were both hits. How is that possible? Awful.

When would be the best time to listen to this?

CL: So, while I was trawling the internet for some ‘fun facts’ about these guys, Wikipedia served up a slice of excellent trivia:

“Having embraced a polyamorous lifestyle following the death of Hinton several years earlier, Crosby was accompanied by two girlfriends. This chagrined several employees and band members; according to Nash, “Often I would knock on his hotel door, which he kept propped open with a security jamb, and he’d be getting blown by both of those girls, all while he was talking and doing business on the phone and rolling joints and smoking and having a drink. Crosby had incredible sexual energy. It got to be such a routine scene in his room, I’d stop by with someone and go, “Aw, fuck, he’s getting blown again. Oh, dear, let’s give him a minute.”

NK: That is the only good thing I have ever heard about David Crosby and if that’s what you’re doing while listening then this album might be bearable.

Why has this album been included on the list?

CL: Lord knows.

NK: Because whoever wrote this list had a massive hard-on for the Byrds and possibly David Crosby in particular. I read that this shaped the ‘Californian’ sound, including The Eagles, Jackson Browne and Fleetwood Mac. I don’t mind Jackson Browne, but aside from that, urgh.

CL: I think that absolutely sums it up. I can see no reason for their inclusion here.

Will you be listening again?  

CL: Nah mate. It’s so polished and safe sounding. It’s just dreadful.

NK: No way baby.


CL: This is possibly one of the worst things I’ve ever heard. I’m removing it from my iTunes without delay. It was offensive to my eardrums.

NK: This is possibly one of the worst things I’ve ever heard. I’m removing it from my iTunes without delay. It was offensive to my eardrums.

Listen to Crosby Stills and Nash on Spotify or buy it in iTunes.

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